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With well over 500 five star testimonials Michelle helps all ages to be free of suffering with a 99.9% success rate. Michelle serves an international clientele, treating and serving patients from all over the world. 


Michelle Davies practices under a new professional title; Global Health & Wellbeng Consultant and Healing Facilitator. Her work delivers the highest standards of care, professionalism and most excellent results in healing SINCE 1997. Michelle has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Osteopathy awarded by Anne, Princess Royal, following 4 years full time training in London at the British School of Osteopathy. In 1915 The British School of Osteopathy (BSO) was founded by John Martin Littlejohn, a student of the founder of Osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still in 1874. 


"I know whatever it is you do, whatever you decide to name it !! IT DEFINITELY WORKS" Arron 7th October 2021


Michelle has practised for nearly three decades, working with all ages; from 2 days young to the elderly, using a variety of techniques to facilitate the healing of a majority of symptoms from head to toe.  Cranial Sacral techniques and Osteopathic techniques can be taught to doctors, physiotherapists and manual therapists.  Michelle uses clinical methods to assess, diagnose and screen for pathology, detect inflammation, retained injury and restriction in the body and then applies hands on techniques to treat the cause of the suffering.


Accompanying hands on treatment, is advice on lifestyle, posture, exercise, diet, workstation and counselling support, and as a result Michelle has provided relief and recovery for many patients over the years and through connecting with the energy, Michelle has achieved what some would describe as “miraculous” and “magic” outcomes (see her testamonials page).  Michelle is also passionate about helping her patients explore how their beliefs and attitudes can impact on their well-being, in order to help them access their inner healing on all levels and reach their full potential: she sees empowering patients to take responsibility and ownership of their health as an important part of her role. Michelle published a book MIRACLE WORKER Enlightened Rebel Brings Gifts For You To Create A Happier Life in 2020 to reach more people with her touch.


Well known across Hereford and Worcestershire, Michelle has developed a strong network of professional contacts and received recommendations from Surgeons, GP's, Midwifes, Health visitors, Breast Feeding Counsellors, Headteachers, Physiotherapists, Dentists and large Corporations. Michelle has worked closely with the Worcestershire County Council for 10 years and with Herefordshire Group Training Association for 5 years.  For over 26 years Michelle has run her own private practices and prides herself on maintaining her skills through rigorous Continual Professional Development, as well as undertaking personal self development and learning in her spare time.


In 2021 Michelle made a Corruption Claim against various officers employed by The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) for restricting advertising of patient satisfaction. It did not get a complaint process. Instead this motivated a professional fitness investigation fraud and 2 months interim suspension order on the 1st October 2021. 


On the 3rd October 2022 the GOSC prosecuted Michelle at Kiddermister Magistrates Court with the charge of falsely describing herself as an osteopath on this website. The Worcester News published a headline  https://www.worcesternews.co.uk/news/23008656.michelle-davies-accused-falsely-claiming-osteopath/#comments-anchor. It was the number 1 commented article in the The Worcester News and the editor proceeded to delete all the comments The Worcester News deleted over 60 comments of support and removed the access to add comments. click to read 53 of the archived comments.


 Michelle entered a plea of no jurisdiction and no liability on the grounds of fraudulent breach of natural justice +human rights + overriding justice objective with an application for case dismissal and contempt remedies.  Michelle has a clean record of 27 years in private practice. The District Judge and Circuit Judge dismissed Michelle's plea of NO JURISDICTION and found guilty and charged a fine (similar to a driving offence).




I am very excited to announce I was invited by James Delingpole to speak on The Delingpod and here is the link https://delingpole.podbean.com/


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 Michelle Davies v General Osteopathic Council update April 2024. 


At your service in health, happiness and prosperity

Michelle Davies BSc (Hons) Ost
Global Health & Wellbeing Consultant 


Subtitle: Enlightened Rebel Brings Gifts For You To Create A Happier Life 

Osteopath 1997 to 1st October 2021