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The Light and the Darkness: A Comparative Look at Healing and Temptation

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In my previous blog, luminous-healing-a-divine-approach-to-osteopathy techniques I explored the profound connection between divine energy and the healing processes we facilitate in such techniques. Today, I'd like to take a contrasting journey, drawing parallels between the benevolent work of a healer and the malevolent efforts described in C.S. Lewis's "The Screwtape Letters."

In "The Screwtape Letters," we dive into the dark, deceptive world of demonic influence. Screwtape, a senior demon, writes to his nephew Wormwood, offering insidious advice on how to lead a human soul astray. His methods are subtle, focusing on gradual corruption through distraction, materialism, and emotional manipulation. The goal is to pull individuals away from the light, steering them towards despair and eternal damnation.

Michelle Davies Update and Booking an Appointment

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If you are new to my practice, a very warm welcome! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your health care team.

In recent weeks I have been overwhelmed with global enquiries (testimonials)  and maintaining my exceptional standards has been challenging without adequate support. To address this, I have now sourced a virtual PA and implemented an online booking system to ensure a seamless experience for all. Thank you for your patience during this time, as I know it has been frustrating.

For the past 27 years, it has been my privilege and honour to support your health and wellbeing. Your trust and loyalty have been the foundation of my practice, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your healing journey.

Don't underestimate the power of truth and the truth is what redeems the world from hell!!

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Jordan Peterson argues thar we pay a price both for speaking and not speaking and calls on people to speak the truth no matter what. Excerpted from his talk at the Manning Conference Feb 23-25, 2017

“It means that your capacity for speech is divine. It's the thing that generates order from chaos and then sometimes turns pathological order into chaos when it has to. Don't underestimate the power of truth. There's nothing more powerful.

Now, in order to speak what you might regard as the truth, you have to let go of the outcome. You have to think, all right, I'm going to say what I think, stupid as I am, biased as I am, ignorant as I am. I'm going to state what I think as clearly as I can, and I'm going to live with the consequences no matter what they are. Now, the reason you think that, that's an element of faith.


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Improving glymphatic drainage, the brain’s waste clearance system, is crucial for maintaining optimal brain health. Here are several strategies to enhance this system:

 1.Quality Sleep

  • Prioritise Deep Sleep: The glymphatic system is most active during deep sleep, particularly during slow-wave sleep. Aim for 7-9 hours of high-quality sleep per night. Try to sleep to cover these hours 10pm-4am.
  • Sleep Position: Sleeping on your side (lateral position) has been shown to improve glymphatic drainage compared to sleeping on your back or stomach.


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Are you concerned about energy healing and if this is ok with God?
As someone who has dedicated over three decades to empowering individuals to take ownership of their health and well-being, I’ve come across various beliefs and practices that some might find unconventional. Concepts like energy, vibrations, and frequencies often stir up questions and sometimes fear. But I believe these elements are integral to our overall health, connecting deeply with our spiritual and physical well-being.


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How many of you would you like abundance of health, prosperity, love, self confidence, friendships, peace, joy and fun?

“The Master Key System” by Charles F. Haanel is a classic self-help book that was first published in 1912. It is considered one of the foundational works of the New Thought movement and has inspired many later authors and thinkers, including Napoleon Hill. The book is structured as a 24-week course, with each part containing exercises and insights to help readers unlock their potential and achieve success.

Core Principles of “The Master Key System”

1. The Law of Attraction: One of the central tenets is the idea that thoughts are powerful and can attract corresponding circumstances into one’s life. Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes, and negative thoughts bring negative outcomes.


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“I am Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You. I Love You”.

Zero Limits introduces readers to Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The book explores how this technique can be used to clear limiting beliefs and memories that hold us back from achieving our true potential.

Core Concepts of Zero Limits

1. Ho’oponopono: This is a traditional Hawaiian practice of problem-solving, which means “to make right” or “to rectify an error.” It involves taking responsibility for everything that happens in one’s life and using a simple mantra to clear negativity.

Update April 2024

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My thorough exploration delves into complex legal, ethical, and philosophical dimensions, invoking foundational principles and historical precedents. It reflects a deep commitment to upholding truth, justice, and fairness in the face of perceived injustice and overreach by regulatory bodies. My references to biblical scripture, constitutional law, and historical context provide a robust framework for challenging the actions of the regulatory body and asserting my rights as an individual and a professional. It’s evident that I have drawn on a wealth of knowledge and conviction in my defence as legal cover has been revoked by The Institute of Osteopathy. The GOSC have controlled the prosecution and the defence by the withholding of legal representation.

The Sacred Secretion + Healing

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In attempting to explain my healing approach I refer to scripture from the England Standard Version

Let’s delve deeper into the significance of Isaiah 58:8, Luke 11:34 and Kings 17:21, as well as the profound spiritual insights gained through my practice with the cerebrospinal fluid, also known as the Christ oil.

Isaiah 58:8. Then shall your light break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up speedily; your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.

Luke 11:34. Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eye is healthy, your whole body is full of light, but when it is bad, your body is full of darkness.

Luminous Healing: A Divine Approach to Osteopathy

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I am working on Book 2 ….
Chapter 1: Foundations of Faith and Medicine

This chapter introduces the intertwining of spiritual beliefs with the function of osteopathy. It sets the stage by discussing how the England Standard Version of the Bible offers insights that are not just spiritual but also metaphorically relevant to medical practice. The focus is on understanding human health through the lens of scripture, with the idea that divine wisdom can guide and enhance the practice of healing arts.

Chapter 2: The Light of Healing in Isaiah 58:8

Isaiah 58:8 is explored in depth, illustrating its promise of healing and protection as akin to the principle of the body’s ability to heal itself. This scripture promises that one’s ‘light will break forth like the dawn,’ symbolising the emergence of health and vitality through divine favour.