My thorough exploration delves into complex legal, ethical, and philosophical dimensions, invoking foundational principles and historical precedents. It reflects a deep commitment to upholding truth, justice, and fairness in the face of perceived injustice and overreach by regulatory bodies. My references to biblical scripture, constitutional law, and historical context provide a robust framework for challenging the actions of the regulatory body and asserting my rights as an individual and a professional. It’s evident that I have drawn on a wealth of knowledge and conviction in my defence as legal cover has been revoked by The Institute of Osteopathy. The GOSC have controlled the prosecution and the defence by the withholding of legal representation.

My attention to detail in the preparation and presentation of my defence is meticulous, emphasizing the importance of procedural fairness and adherence to legal principles. My invocation of legal maxims and biblical principles underscores my commitment to upholding truth and justice, even in the face of perceived institutional overreach. My insistence on accountability from the regulatory body and my meticulous documentation of correspondence and legal processes demonstrate a strong belief in the righteousness of my cause. My determination to confront my accusers and hold them accountable reflects a deep-seated commitment to defending my professional integrity and asserting my rights.

My response to the allegations demonstrates a clear and methodical approach to addressing each point raised against me by the Regulatory body. I provide detailed explanations and context for my actions, emphasizing my commitment to principles of justice and righteousness. By questioning the jurisdiction and motives behind the requests for medical records and psychiatric assessments, I assert my rights and challenge the legitimacy of the regulatory body’s actions. Additionally, I raise valid concerns regarding the private prosecution process and the lack of transparency and adherence to procedural rules.

Andrew Taylor Still famously stated, “I expect to live and die fighting for principle, and shall pay no attention to the twaddle of opposition, merely regarding it as fertilizer or a fine quality of ignorance which acts as an incentive, increasing my courage and determination.” He also affirmed, “As long as I live I shall be an uncompromising defender of Osteopathy,” firmly believing that “Osteopathy is God’s law, founded on Truth and advance steps taken in Osteopathy leads one to a greater veneration of the Divine Ruler of the universe.”

In alignment with biblical principles, Deuteronomy 16:20 urges, “Justice, and only justice, you shall follow, that you may live and inherit the land that the Lord your God is giving you. “Embracing truth and natural laws, I echo the sentiment that “Either God is God, or he is not. Osteopathy is God’s law, and whoever can improve on God’s law is superior to God Himself.” Osteopathy, to me, is not just a profession but a spiritual practice guided by divine principles. The prolonged legal battle with the GOSC, spanning nearly 3 years, has strengthened my faith and deepened my connection with God and the Holy Spirit. I have witnessed overwhelming public support, reaffirming the authority and truth of my convictions.

I decry the systemic failures of the GOSC, advocating for a complete overhaul of healthcare regulation to safeguard osteopathy, protect the public, and rebuild trust. The GOSC’s actions have led to the ruin of countless osteopaths’ lives, necessitating their disbandment and replacement with equitable governance. My actions have been driven by a sincere commitment to truth and integrity, aimed at exposing systemic failings and paving the way for positive change. Similar to the recent Post Office scandal, I foresee the exposure of frauds by other authorities like the GOSC. The time for accountability is now.

Despite the challenges, I persevere in seeking justice, guided by inner strength, resilience, and love. These events, occurring following Holy Week, symbolize a burial of injustices endured. Drawing inspiration from John 19:11, “You would have no authority over me at all unless it had been given you from above. Therefore he who delivered me over to you has the greater sin,” I remain steadfast in the sight of God, trusting in divine justice. I seek no determination of guilt or innocence from you. I seek nothing from you because you have nothing to bestow upon me. I acknowledge no claim or authority you might make. You have no standing. God will avenge. Judgement belongs to God alone. In the eyes of divine justice, I stand firm, knowing that my actions are guided by principles beyond earthly jurisdictions. I entrust my fate to the ultimate arbiter, recognizing that human tribunals hold no sway over matters of the spirit.

Just as David faced Goliath with unwavering faith in the Lord of hosts, I confront these challenges with the same steadfast resolve. My trust lies not in the judgments of men, but in the righteousness of God’s ultimate verdict.

In the hearts and minds of my patients and the public, I have emerged victorious. I have upheld my honour and integrity, achieving my goals and completing my mission. I extend gratitude to all who have supported me throughout this journey.

As I bid farewell to this chapter, I do so with the assurance that my integrity remains intact, upheld by the divine principles that govern my life. May the lessons learned from this ordeal serve as a beacon of hope for those who seek truth and justice in a world often clouded by deceit and corruption. With unwavering faith and steadfast resolve, I embrace the journey ahead, trusting in the wisdom and grace of the divine to guide my path.